10 September 1941 – 24 September 2014
Keyboard player
Catalogue of the former Christopher Hogwood Instrument Collection

Upright Pianos

Maker Franz Martin Seiffert
Manufactured Vienna, 1820
Description Schrankklavier with 'hanging' Viennese-action in case veneered in cherry with ebonised features including frets over green silk panels in the doors.
Inscriptions Priveleg Instrumenten Fabrick Martin Seuffert. ... Allegasse 75 auf der Wieden on printed paper label, and Martin Saiffert Wien on later ceramic plaque on name batten above keys.
Specification Tricord and bichord stringing on single bridge with tuning pins in a 'wrestplank' formed from the bentside. Four pedals: Shift, Moderator (2 pedals) and Damper pedal. Spring-assisted hammer return.
Pitch A=430
Compass FF-f4
Restoration 1999 Chris Nobbs
Maker John Broadwood
Manufactured London, c1823
Description Six-octave cabinet piano in mahogany with pleated fabric front, originally bought by Cramer.
Inscriptions John Broadwood & Sons / Makers to his Majesty & the Princesses / Great Pulteney Street Golden Square / London on the nameboard, and TH2513 in pencil on the wrestplank and inside of lid.
Specification English upright 'sticker' action with overdampers. Two pedals: keyboard shift, dampers.
Pitch A=430
Compass FF–f4