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Keyboard player
Speech to launch V&A’s new baroque exhibition
January 12, 2009
Christopher spoke at Christ Church, Spitalfields last Monday in a press launch in anticipation of the V&A’s exhibition, Baroque 1620 – 1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence, which will take place from April to July 2009.

baroque-1620-1800.jpgThe exhibition coincides with the 250th anniversary of Handel's death and the 350th anniversary of Purcell's birth. The V&A is one of a host of partner organisations participating in Baroque 09, a series of cultural events celebrating the achievements of the baroque era.

Ben Hoyle writing in The Times on 22nd October commented on the stir that Christopher’s speech created:

“The hacks were serenaded by the soprano Rosemary Joshua, then harangued by the conductor Christopher Hogwood, who took exception to a piece in The Spectator that claimed that “the more you know (about art) the less you feel”. “Anyone who agrees with that,” he glowered, “please come and see me afterwards.” No one dared.”