10 September 1941 – 24 September 2014
Keyboard player
Eberl's Sonata Grande newly published
May 19, 2008

Anton Eberl
Sonata Grande in G minor, Op.39

Christopher's latest edition to be published by Edition HH is now available.

The Sonata in G minor, Op. 39 was Eberl’s last composition; A. Duane White described it as “his most outstanding work for piano solo”, and “a significant forerunner of the Romantic era” (New Grove). Its formal innovations include a slow movement in the remote key of E major (with hints of Field and Chopin as well as Beethoven’s “Waldstein” Sonata), which also makes a “cyclic” return in the course of the finale, and the use of a single motive (a rising sixth and falling second first heard in the opening bars), which unifies all three movements.

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