10 September 1941 – 24 September 2014
Keyboard player
Catalogue of the former Christopher Hogwood Instrument Collection


Maker Josef Johann Brodmann
Manufactured Vienna, c1815
Description Six octave Viennese-action fortepiano in walnut veneered case with rounded corners. Raised on four tapered legs with the front two joined by a stretcher carrying four pedals and an ebonised lyre. Case stained red in imitation of mahogany. Formerly owned by Ema Destinnová (Emmy Destinn) and, reputedly, by Weber.
Inscription Brodmann / in Wien / Josephstadt No 40 on ceramic plaque.
Specification Viennese action and tri-chord stringing throughout on a single bridge. Four pedals: shift, bassoon, moderator, dampers. In addition there is a knee-lever to operate the moderator.
Pitch A=430
Compass FF-f4
Clinkscale: Brodmann No. 9.
1981 Chris Nobbs (Missing legs, pedals and lyre copied from Weber's Brodmann in the Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Berlin: Clinkscale: Brodmann No. 10)
Maker Anonymous
Manufactured c1815
Description Six-octave Viennese action fortepiano in walnut veneered case on four tapered legs, the two front legs linked by a stretcher carrying four pedals and an ebonised lyre.
Specification Four pedals: shift, bassoon, moderator, dampers.
Pitch A=430
Compass FF-f4
Restoration 1994 Chris Nobbs
Maker Adlam Burnett
Manufactured Finchcocks, Goudhurst, Kent, 1976
Description Copy of Viennese-action five octave fortepiano built in the Stein tradition by Matthäus Heilmann, Mainz, c1785, in walnut-veneered case raised on five square tapered legs and with a frame and panel lid.
Specification Brass kapsels in place of the wooden kapsels used by Heilmann. Single bridge and bichord stringing, with e2 to f3 trichord. Knee-levers operating dampers and moderator and bassoon.
Pitch A=430
Compass FF-f3
Original in the Colt Clavier Collection, Bethersden, Kent, No. 42 (Clinkscale: Heilmann No. 1).
Restoration 1986 MacKinnon & Waitzman
Maker Derek Adlam
Manufactured Tan Gallops, Welbeck, 1987
Description Copy of Viennese-action piano by Anton Walter, Vienna, c1795, in yew-veneered casework raised on five tapered legs.
Specification Strung in brass FF-F then iron throughout; bichord up to a1, trichord b1-g3. Knee-levers operating moderator and dampers.
Pitch A=430
Compass FF-g3
Original in Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnburg, No. MINe 109 (Clinkscale: Walter No. 9).