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New Publication - De Clavicordio X
October 30, 2012
The Proceedings of the X International Clavichord Symposium are now published. This Symposium was held in Magnano, 6-10 September 2011, and organised by The International Centre for Clavichord Studies.

de_clavicordio_10.jpg As well as co-hosting the Symposium (with Bernard Brauchli), Christopher gave a paper on 'The Keyboard Music of Carl Fasch', which is printed in this volume; this, together with a thematic catalogue of Fasch’s keyboard music, introduces the new edition of all Fasch's keyboard works in three volumes which is being published in HHEdition. (Volume I is already available, and Volumes II and III are in press). The music includes eight sonatas, several extended sets of variations and a number of short character pieces, the majority appearing for the first time in a modern edition. The thematic catalogue, the first of Fasch's keyboard music, includes all known sources (both printed and MS) and identifies several misattributions.

Christopher's article discusses various points relating to Fasch and his keyboard works: Fasch himself as a performer and teacher, appropriate instruments for his music, performance suggestions (such as appropriate ornaments), as well as an overview of Fasch's works (sonatas, character pieces, and variations).

The culmination of a rich gathering of experts in many disciplines, this volume contains articles by clavichord makers, musicologists and performers, and especially focuses on: the early clavichord from first iconographical documents to the earliest extant Instruments (organology and repertoire); the pedal clavichord, from its origins to the eighteenth century; the clavichord in the nineteenth century.

For a full list of articles, and to purchase a copy, please see here.