10 September 1941 – 24 September 2014
Keyboard player
'fitt for the Manicorde'
August 1, 2007

A seventeenth-century English collection of keyboard music
Edited by Christopher Hogwood
Edition HH, 2003
hh70.sol; ISMN M 708024 94 1; ISBN 1 904229 40 9

A hitherto unpublished collection of keyboard music, suitable for harpsichord and organ, but specifically mentioning the clavichord, from the 1680s. Amongst the varied dance movements and suites is music by Lully, La Barre, John Roberts and Thomas Farmer. This collection shows the strong influence of French keyboard music on English taste, and is also extensively marked with original fingering, of great value to the modern performer. An extended set of bravura variations on La Folia, and two colourful organ voluntaries add contrast to this tuneful selection of domestic music. With an introduction, concordances and critical notes by Christopher.

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