10 September 1941 – 24 September 2014
Keyboard player
Catalogue of the former Christopher Hogwood Instrument Collection

Chamber Organs

Maker Anonymous
Manufactured North German, mid 18th century
Description A two-stop chamber organ in a bureau-form case with a retractable keyboard. Shipped to the USA for Hindemith.
Specification 8' Gedackt; 4' Flöte. Both divided at a/b flat. Stop levers each end of the keyboard. There is a treadle for foot blowing and an electric blower.
Pitch A=460
Compass C-d3
Restoration 1996 Dominic Gwynn and Marcus Stahl
Maker Anonymous
Manufactured Dutch, 18th century
Description A five-stop chamber organ, with case, soundboard, bellows and pipework made c1760, possibly by Hendrik Hermanus Hess, Gouda, and a pipe front added in the manner of a miniature church organ in c1800, possibly in Dordrecht. Formerly owned by Thurston Dart.
Specification Stops: Holpijp 8vt bas/diskant; Prestant 8vt diskant; Fluit 4vt bas; Prestant 4vt diskant; Octaaf 2vt bas/diskant. Divided at b/c1.
Holpijp and Fluit are stopped pipes made of oak; the others are of metal, unusually thick and soft with a high lead content. Original feeder and foot pedal removed in 1956; now fed by an electric blower.
Pitch A=440
Compass C-d3